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Covington, LA

About this Project


Holly and Smith Architect

General Contractor:

CDX Construction, LLC

Completion Date:

Under Construction

Filed Under:

PRE K-12

Morphy, Makofsky, Inc. provided structural engineering services for the construction of a new two-story school. The building consists of structural steel framing for the 2nd-floor beams, girders, and columns. The entire structure is soil supported on shallow spread footings.


The first floor is raised approximately three feet above the adjacent grade to comply with base flood elevations. The new framing provides spaces for high school classrooms, laboratories, Gymnasium, and a cafeteria.


The upper floors of the building were framed out of structural steel with a concrete-on-metal deck system. The floor system will consist of 1½” deep composite metal decking plus 3¼” of lightweight concrete topping for a total thickness of 4¾”. This system will span across composite steel beams and girders supported by steel columns. Typical beam spacing was on the order of 7 feet.


The various roofs consist of 1½” deep roof decking spanning across open web steel bar joists framing into steel girders supported by steel columns. Typical joist spacing was approximately 5 feet on the center. Where required steel framing will be sloped to provide drainage. The lateral load-resisting system consists of steel chevron and cross bracing.

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