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Spiral Stairs


Our experienced structural engineering and technical staff at MMI has provided structural consultation on award-winning projects, and will continue to provide this exceptional service for all projects presented to us.  We offer structural engineering services on architectural and industrial projects of all types and sizes.


As one of MMI’s core design services spanning over 4 decades, building structural design is how we built one of the area’s most highly regarded reputations in the engineering and construction industry. Consequently, we have had the pleasure of being involved in a vast range of projects, large and small, including some of the highest profile and iconic building projects in the greater New Orleans area.

We provide structural engineering services for all types of new and existing building construction for all aspects and phases of design. Delivering design solutions that are economical and constructible, yet still working to maintain the vision of the project, is a fundamental goal.


MMI is the premier design firm in the region with regards to foundation design. As the substructure is buried it may go unnoticed, however, it is as critical an aspect of a building design as any other.  Foundation design is especially important in Southern Louisiana where our soils are notoriously “poor”.

Depending on the soil conditions at a specific site and the type of structure, a shallow or deep foundation may be employed.  A shallow type foundation may consist of individual spread footings, continuous footings, or mat-type foundations.  Deep foundations reach down to more competent soils.  Today’s designs may incorporate treated timber piles, composite piles (timber/concrete), precast-prestressed concrete piles, steel pipe piles, steel H-piles, sheet piles, helical piles, or auger cast-in-place concrete piles, all of which are regularly used by our firm.


Renovations happen. Along with renovations come code mandated upgrades to bring existing structures into compliance with current codes.  MMI has an extensive library of drawings for most of the major buildings in New Orleans and its surrounding areas, allowing us to quickly and efficiently design retrofits where required.  Our design expertise includes historic materials such as heavy timber, clay tile, multi-wythe brick walls, and built-up steel and iron construction.


MMI prides itself on its ability to provide design services to evaluate existing structures and their current conditions in order to adapt the structure for new use, while maintaining their historic importance. MMI provides design services for new expansions such as additional floors and overall repurposing. We have the ability to work with all material types ranging from existing multi-wythe masonry and heavy timber structures to existing structural steel.


One of the most critical aspects to the design services that we provide includes structural engineering for projects located in high wind or hurricane prone areas. Whether the design involves a new high rise incorporating wind tunnel testing, something as small as a mount for a satellite dish, or anything in between, we provide the engineering necessary to account for the most extreme wind conditions. Efficient and practical building solutions for high wind loads are developed through the use of state of the art analysis and design modeling software, in conjunction with current building codes, coupled with the knowledge gained over decades of experience with this type of design.

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