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Jamie Saxon  l  Principal

Jamie Saxon has worked with Morphy Makofsky, Inc. as an engineer since 1993. He has been responsible for foundation and structural design and analysis on residential, commercial, military, industrial, levee structures (earthen and pile supported T-walls), and drainage pump stations. Many of these projects have included dock and wharf structures.


Mr. Saxon’s past structural and civil engineering design has included many complex and unique foundation systems including pile mat footings and mono-pile foundations. He has also designed temporary and permanent cantilevered and anchored sheet pile bulkheads and cofferdams as part of the Hurricane Protection systems in the post Katrina landscape. Other distinctive projects include temporary and permanent roadway designs involved in heavy haul transportation projects, in which large refinery process pieces, on the order of 2,000 tons each, were moved across the Mississippi River Levees from barges on the river.

Mr. Saxon also has experience with damaged wharves.  His duties have included field investigations to assess damages, formulation and detailing of necessary repairs, cost estimation, and supervision of the repairs.  These wharves are located along the Mississippi River, canals, and the Mississippi Delta region.  





Louisiana License No. 30529


UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering 1992 

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