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MMI was hired by the demolition contractor to assist them in the safe and efficient means for the partial demolition and new construction activities to incorporate portions of the existing historical structure. The work involved field surveying the dilapidated structure, and providing shoring design plans and sequence of work to allow the surgical demolition of the various building sections that once housed the iconic Dixie Brewery. MMI provided guidance and recommendations to the contractor for the initial separation techniques to isolate the portions of the structure that were to remain from the areas that were to be demolished.  This allowed the demolition contractor to use conventional methods for the demolition, thus maintaining the construction schedule while preserving the integrity of the historical structure.

During the demolition activities, MMI was frequently in the field, at the request of the contractor, as unknown defects were discovered as the multiple layers of insulation were peeled away from the structure. MMI’s experience and understanding of historical structures was invaluable to the demolition contractor and the project management team. MMI provided multiple solutions and details and was able to quickly and efficiently review conditions and provide the answers that kept the project on track while maintaining the safety and stability of the existing structure.





Cycle Construction

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