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Civil Engineer


With a highly experienced civil engineering team, MMI is able to provide a wide range of professional civil engineering services across all residential, commercial and industrial projects. Our highly skilled team has established good working relationships with all regulatory organizations located within the Greater New Orleans area, which assists greatly in the smooth and timely completion of civil engineering projects.


MMI has extensive experience in the detailed site design of complex and challenging infrastructure projects in the Greater New Orleans area. Our team has an appropriate blend of experience and expertise that consistently provides significant "value for money" design solutions and cost savings to our clients. We also enjoy working with multi-disciplinary and talented design teams, and pride ourselves on providing innovative and constructible design solutions.

We consistently provide professional civil engineering services in all aspects of site design from conceptual to detailed design, as well as the construction phase, and have delivered successful project outcomes on a wide range of projects including schools, high-rise buildings, hotels and countless commercial and industrial developments. MMI has the ability to develop thorough and robust engineering plans, details and specifications that cover all site design aspects including site layout, grading, roadway and pavement design. We have a strong local project experience in the New Orleans area which is invaluable in addressing site issues and constraints such as soft soils and the high groundwater table.

Our high performance team has strong ongoing relationships with key stakeholders including the Department of Public Works (DPW) in New Orleans, Jefferson and St. Bernard Parish and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD) which assist in achieving regulatory compliance without experiencing significant delays. We have a solid understanding of these organizations' project requirements which has resulted in a track record of receiving approvals quickly which ultimately improves time and cost outcomes for our clients.


MMI is committed to developing cost-effective, environmentally sensitive and resilient site-based stormwater management solutions, and has extensive technical experience in providing conceptual and detailed stormwater management plans for a vast range of urban infrastructure projects within the Greater New Orleans area as well as across the Gulf Coast. We incorporate a multiple objective approach into all stormwater management systems that we design, considering issues such as ecosystem health outcomes, flooding and drainage control, public safety, economic, social and aesthetic values.

Our technical experience in stormwater management is extensive and covers urban drainage design, hydrological and hydraulic software modeling, hydraulic impact/flood hazard and risk assessments, stream realignments and temporary diversions, scour and erosion protection of channels, culverts and bridges, and sediment/spill capture basin design.

We have a strong relationship with key stormwater management stakeholders within the Greater New Orleans area including the City of New Orleans, Sewerage & Water Board (S&WB) and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD) and a good understanding of their specific legislative and design requirements. We have also developed numerous site-based stormwater management plans to address the newly incorporated 1.25" of runoff stormwater management requirement included in Article 23 of the City of New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO).



The primary objective of Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) is to take all reasonable and practicable measures to minimize short and long-term soil erosion and the adverse effects of sediment discharging from the development site. At MMI, we completely understand this objective and have an extensive knowledge of the key management principles of ESC design required to achieve it.

The key management principles of ESC design include minimizing the extent and duration of disturbance, controlling water movement through the site, using erosion control measures to prevent on-site damage and using sediment control measures to prevent off-site damage, promptly stabilizing disturbed areas,  inspecting and maintaining control measures, and undertaking water quality monitoring. MMI has the capability to develop and communicate Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESCPs) in accordance with these principles to support actual construction sequencing, construction methodologies and local site conditions.

Our team also has an extensive understanding of the steps and techniques that require documentation within Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) as part of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements. MMI is capable of assisting construction site operators by providing expert advice and review of SWPPPs with a focus on identification of pollutant sources, design standards and technique selection in accordance with relevant erosion and sediment control guidelines, site monitoring and maintenance procedures, explanation of roles and responsibilities, inspections (and record keeping) and audit procedures.

MMI strongly encourages the use of green infrastructure, in lieu of traditional stormwater management systems, to reduce the impact of urban runoff and to promote sustainable design project outcomes. We carefully consider the civil, landscape and ecological aspects of every development site, and owing to flexible design, space efficiency and application opportunities, aiming to select and incorporate the most suitable treatment technology available. Through careful integration and a collaborative design approach with a multi-disciplinary design team, MMI is capable of providing green infrastructure solutions that create or enhance green spaces within the urban landscape and provide amenity or aesthetic values whilst meeting project specific requirements and budget constraints.


Our technical design experience in green infrastructure includes bioretention basin/swale design, infiltration basins, constructed wetlands, and various pervious pavements including pervious concrete, pervious asphalt and pervious paver systems.


MMI has extensive experience in water supply, sewage and sanitation systems in both small and large-scale urban development projects. Our domestic and fire water experience includes pipes and fittings, tapping sleeves, valves, meters, reduced pressure backflow preventers and double check detector assemblies and various housing structures and enclosures. We also have experience in sanitary sewer pipes and fittings, cleanouts and sewer lift stations and pump design.

Our engineering team has strong relationships with the Sewerage & Water Board (S&WB) network engineering and plumbing departments and a thorough understanding of the process involved in receiving approvals for water, sewer and drainage connections into the S&WB network. We also ensure that all our utilities designs are in accordance with the latest S&WB standard drawings and specifications.

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