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MMI was responsible for the first floor framing and foundation design for this 130,000 square foot expansion.  The first floor two way concrete slab was designed for a 500 pound per square foot live load.  The new structure is supported by 25 ton, 80-foot long composite piles.  Quick action was taken by MMI during the pile installation due to numerous underground obstructions being encountered, thereby avoiding delays and keeping the project on schedule.

MMI was responsible for the drainage and pavement design of approximately 100,000 square feet of new parking lot for the new 130,000 square feet warehouse addition. Parking lot layout and driveway entrances were designed to incorporate vehicular turning of tractor trailer trucks accessing the site. In order to effective handle the stormwater runoff generated by new paving and building addition, a stormwater management plan (SWMP) was prepared to meet local (Jefferson Parish) and state (DOTD) drainage requirements. The SWMP comprised of an underground detention system, designed to capture roof drainage from the new building and paving. In order to for this system to act as a detention system, a new weir structure was included in the design at the outfall location prior to connecting to the main drain line along State Highway (US 90). The weir elevation is set to detain stormwater runoff within the system so that the post-development discharge rate equals or less than the pre-development (existing) conditions with slow release, thereby satisfying both local and state requirements.





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