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MMI was asked by the Archdiocese of New Orleans to perform an initial condition survey for the Cathedral and to maintain a record of the building condition.  In order to establish the condition of the historic Cathedral, MMI surveyed the full building to understand the construction.  From our field notes, as well as information provided by the Archdiocese, MMI was able to recreate structural drawings, which would be used in documenting repairs and damages.

Upon completing as-built condition drawings, MMI surveyed the site for framing and masonry damages, and for signs of underlying structural conditions requiring repair.  From our survey, we were able to identify areas requiring masonry stabilization, as well as framing requiring repair, areas of potential water infiltration, and areas where future repairs may be required.  From this information, MMI composed an extensive set of repair drawings, dividing repairs into 3 phase- masonry stabilization, cooling platform replacement, and structural framing repairs.  MMI also acted as the construction administrator, alongside the Archdiocese’ Andre Villere, who performed additional oversight.

Upon completion of all phases of identified repairs, MMI will endeavor to maintain a record of the condition of the building annually and to provide recommendations for repairs throughout the life of our involvement.  




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