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This is a design/build replacement school project for the New Orleans Recovery School District.  The structure consists of a 3 story classroom wing, and a single story cafeteria and gymnasium wing.  The development is approximately 105,000 square feet.


The foundation construction consists of wood/concrete composite piles supporting a conventionally reinforced two-way slab.  Due to poor soil conditions, the pile supported portion of the project extended beyond the footprint of the building to include an outdoor classroom area, and the ADA accessible portions of the civil paving.


The superstructure consists of concrete on composite metal deck, supported by structural steel framing.  The construction in the classroom wing utilizes a 3” composite deck for the floor systems, and a similar 3” metal deck for the roof. Roof framing consisted of bar joists, with structural steel framing tying into the main columns.  The choice to go with the 3” metal deck was made in an effort to increase spans, reduce the quantity of framing members, and to streamline the construction schedule.


The construction in the cafeteria area consisted of 1 ½” metal roof deck supported by bar joists, with structural steel framing tying into the main columns.  The construction in the gymnasium area included a mid-height mezzanine and mechanical roof area, as well as approximate 30’ roof height within the gymnasium.  In order to maintain an economic steel design, the roof system for the gymnasium consisted on 1 ½” metal deck supported by bar joists which were in turn supported by long span joist girders.


The project was designed with Bentley’s RAM Structural Systems, with the documentation and BIM model being completed with Autodesk REVIT.  The level of development for the project was approximately LOD 350.





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