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MMI provided structural and civil design services for the 871 bed correctional facility. The unique item about his project is the fact that the structure and associated equipment is all constructed on a platform which is some 18 feet above the natural ground, due to site location and DFIRM (Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map) compliance.  This includes the fire water storage tank as well as the potable water supply tank (a total of one million gallons of water).  The water supply systems required pumps to be added, first to fill the storage tanks up on the platform and then to distribute the water throughout the building.

It also created the necessity to develop two drainage systems – one for the open areas of the platform to collect the water and then convey it down to the lower drainage system, as well as one for the area beneath the platform (in case the site was ever inundated with flood water.)  The sanitary sewer collection system required the addition of a “grinder” in the main line, immediately ahead of the sanitary sewer lift station.

Code requirements for flood design provided challenges in selecting building materials which were durable yet cost effective.  A steel framed superstructure sits atop a precast concrete platform "First Floor".  MMI also had to take into consideration drag down effects on the foundation and site structures outside of the building footprint, due to extremely poor soil conditions and a significant amount of fill being added to the site.





L.R. Kimball

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