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MMI provided structural engineering services for a 5-story, 116,000 square foot, military purposed building. Encased in blast-resistant glass panels, the new facility includes office space, classrooms, meeting rooms, laboratories, and a 45,000 square foot, high-security, sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) space. The structure is comprised of cast in place concrete on composite metal deck floors support by composite steel beams and steel columns. The foundation and first floor are supported by 18” diameter auger cast in place concrete piles of varying lengths and design loads. A few of the many unique features to the building's original design are the freestanding “spokes” projecting up to 100 feet off the ground floor that represent planes fanning out into the sky, a 250 foot long roof that is both linear and curved in shape to symbolize an airplane wing, and the 100 foot long low roof extension with an opening large enough to allow for the projection of a fighter jet through the plane of the roof.




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