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The project includes the phased development of a single berth cruise terminal generally located within Berths 4 and 5 of the Poland Avenue Wharf, the Pauline Street Wharf Apron, and the area landside of the Poland Avenue Wharf. The work includes wharf substructure repair and reinforcement to support the construction of a new two-story cruise terminal and mooring operations.  The existing river bank will be stabilized in order to achieve a factor of safety of 1.3 in the area where the terminal building will be located, and 1.0 in the open wharf area.  This will involve dredging the existing river bank and the construction of a pile supported relieving platform in the landside area.

The 95,000 square foot cruise terminal will include a concourse, gangway, and elevated connection to the cruise ship. The open area will serve as the primary ground transportation area, including shuttle and taxi POV drop-off/pick-up areas. At-grade parking includes 195 parking spaces and a supplemental taxi area.



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