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On December 14, 1996, the Bright Field, a 735-Foot Liberian bulk carrier, lost control of its steerage and collided with the Poydras Street Wharf.  The existing wharf was constructed around 1926 and had been retrofitted to accommodate the Hilton Riverside Hotel, One River Place Condominiums, and The Rouse Marketplace, which were all engineered by MMI.  The three properties were all seriously impacted by the allision.  MMI was contacted within the hour following the allision to proceed to the property to assess the damages and address any immediate shoring requirements.  The first request of MMI was to assist the New Orleans Fire Department with searching the rubble to locate any possible victims associated with the collapse of all three structures located on the wharf.  No injuries or deaths in the immediate area of the collapses were found.  Boh Bros. was put on standby to work with MMI to address any immediate concerns related to the stability of the remaining structures.  They later proceeded with the permanent reconstruction.

MMI became the structural engineer of record for the reconstruction of all three properties and immediately designed the temporary shoring necessary to protect the remaining parts of the existing structures.  With MMI and Boh Bros. Construction Company working together, the shoring was installed and the selective demolition was performed.  Upon completion of the initial stabilization work, MMI concentrated on the reconstruction documents.  The reconstruction was performed concurrently with the structural design until all reconstruction was complete.


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