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MMI provided structural and civil engineering services for a new addition to the existing hotel. The scope of the project consisted of an eight-story garage and guest room addition and included building tie-ins for access between the new and existing construction, as well as a new meeting room and amenity space. The new structure was built using cast in place construction with a one-way post-tensioned slab and beam system that was supported on an auger cast pile foundation. Lateral loads were resolved using a combination of concrete moment frames and shear walls. The civil scope included redevelopment of the remaining available site with new utilities, drainage, grading and paving for the portion of the property fronting Poydras and Lafayette Streets.

Structural analysis of the new superstructure was done using ETABS, a finite element analysis and design program, and ADAPT, a post-tension design program, for the flatwork. New foundation work included the installation of 85 foot 18” diameter auger cast concrete piles with a design capacity of 117 tons. A few of the unique features of the project include a new pool on the 6th floor supported by girders spanning 63 feet and property line constraints that required eccentric foundations.




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