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MMI provided structural engineering services for the new student union project on the existing Dillard University campus. The scope of the project included a three-story, 60,000 square foot building that provided an array of additional student services such as medical, food, entertainment, and fitness for the students at the university. The new structure was built using cast in place construction that utilized a combination of one-way and two-way spanning post-tensioned floors while the first floor utilized a conventionally reinforced concrete slab and beam system. Structural steel was introduced at various locations within the building to suit unique architectural considerations such as at the thin “eyebrow” roof at the main entrance. The entire structure was supported on 25 ton treated timber piles.


A few of the unique aspects of the project that involved careful structural consideration included a new running track, movie theater, and bowling alley at the third floor. At the main entrance, as part of the architectural intent, structural columns were required to span a clear a height of 40 feet.  





John T. Campo Architects

LEED Gold Certified

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