Tulane University Yulman Stadium
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MMI provided civil design services for the site development of the new 30,000 seat capacity football stadium.  The available space for construction presented some special problems as the site is completely surrounded by existing structures. Blending the grades of the existing with the new made it necessary to develop ways of connecting the grades within the requirements and codes. A large volume retention temporary storage system for run-off water from the area was created and constructed beneath the practice field, immediately north of the main stadium, to decrease the rate of run-off from the area.

The sanitary sewer system available in the immediate area surrounding the stadium was designed to handle the residential configuration of the area.  A two sewer lift station was developed to deliver the periodic high volume discharge into the City system without overloading any one area.

Architect: Gould Evans Associates, LLC

Year Complete: 2014

Construction Cost: $80M


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