Specialized heavy transportation

MMI provided structural and civil engineering services for a temporary cross over the Mississippi River levees. The design involved temporary bridges, footings, and roadways capable of transporting a variety of equipment for Valero Refinery. The equipment varied in weight up to a maximum of five hundred tons. The equipment was shipped to the site on barges. Ramps and bridges were designed to transport the equipment from the barge across the batture, over the levee, and down onto River Road.

The global stability of the levee and batture were critical design criteria that could not be compromised. This was in addition to local failures for the bearing of the footings. The water level of the Mississippi River was critical to both the design and also the allowable time period for the unloading of the vessels.  All design drawings and calculations had to be reviewed and approved by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Client: Mammoet

Year Complete: 2009


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