New Orleans Medical Center (NOMC) Elevated Walkway

MMI designed the elevated walkway that traverses approximately 1,500 feet along Gravier Street. The walkway begins at the Energy Thermal Plant and currently stops at the medical office building. The walkway was designed to span underneath the interstate and cross over N. Claiborne Avenue. The elevated walkway had to maintain minimum highway clearances to avoid hindering traffic. In addition to being an elevated walkway, the large chilled water and steam pipes from the thermal plant are concealed within the structure of the walkway.

The elevated walkway also had to interact with existing walkways that span across Gravier Street. At one such location, the new walkway had to support the existing crossing bridge, thus allowing the removal of portions of the existing vertical trusses that framed this existing bridge.

Architect: Lyons & Hudson

Year Complete: 2001


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