New Orleans City Park

Established in 1854 and influenced by Frederick Law Olmsted’s park designs, City Park in New Orleans sits on 1,300 acres of land making it approximately 50% larger than Central Park in Manhattan. In the 1930’s, FDR’s New Deal implemented the WPA which brought money and art to the park. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, 95% of the park was inundated with flood water for weeks, causing millions of dollars in damage. Since 2006, MMI has provided services for not only restoring the park to its original state, but upgrading and adding to the facilities to make it one of the premier urban parks in the nation.

new orleans City Park Projects

Pepsi Tennis Complex and Courts

Sculpture Garden Drainage Design

Bayou Oaks Golf Course Drainage Design

Bayou Oaks Golf Course Bridge Design

Bayou Oaks Golf Course Clubhouse

Bayou Oaks Golf Course Maintenance Building 

Bayou Oaks Golf Course Restroom Facilities

Big Lake Structures

Pan American Stadium Renovations

Amusement Park Renovations

Storyland Birthday House and Restrooms

City Putt Drainage Design

City Putt Structural Design

Marconi Soccer Shelter and Restrooms

Marconi Fishing Pier


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