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Nancy Taulli |

Nancy Taulli has been here since the beginning.  After graduating high school in 1974, she began taking business courses at Delgado and working part-time for Mr. Donald Makofsky’s engineering firm.  In March 1975, Mr. Edward R. Morphy, Mr. Donald C. Makofsky and Mr. G. Emile Masson started the engineering firm Morphy, Makofsky, and Masson.  The firm started with 3 engineers, 2 drafters and Nancy.  In the beginning, her responsibilities included answering the phone, typing, filing, invoicing, and payroll. With the passing years and success of the company, additional personnel were hired.  Nancy is still involved with the financial and personnel side of the firm as MMI’s Office Manager.

She also has a bit of family history also here at MMI.  Her mother worked for MMI from 1979 to 1992; she had previously worked with Mr. Makofsky’s brother in the construction industry. Her daughter Jenny helped out in the office while in high school and in 2005 she became a full-time employee. Nancy says:

“People seem surprised when I tell them I have only worked for one company.  How does a person stay working at the same firm for over forty years? For me it has been easy, I enjoy the work I do, I enjoy the people I work with, and I have always felt the work I do is appreciated.”  

Away from work, she and her husband of 40+ years like to travel and spend time in their garden. She buys more books and cookbooks than she will ever be able to read or need, but her favorite thing to do is spend time with her three young grandsons.

Where is your favorite travel destination? Smoky Mountains