Myrtle Grove and Belle Chasse Fire Stations

MMI provided engineering services for two fire stations in Plaquemines Parish – the Myrtle Grove Fire Station and the Belle Chasse Fire Station. For the Myrtle Grove Fire Station, MMI provided both structural and civil engineering services including the foundation plan, framing details and roof structure.  Civil engineering services for Myrtle Grove include preloading of the site due to the site soil conditions, a complete site drainage study, and the design of the facilities to handle the same within the parameters of the existing infrastructure.  The station is two stories, but because the ground floor contains only the two-apparatus bays, it is unique in its design. The second floor that contains all of the living quarters, which sleeps seven, is built 22 feet above ground because the station is in flood surge zone.

At the Belle Chasse site, MMI’s civil design included a complete site drainage study and the design of the facilities to handle the same with the parameters of the existing infrastructure in the surrounding streets.  On both sites, MMI provided the design of the utility connections that included sanitary sewer and sewer lift station, potable and fire water line connections to the building, site paving design of parking lots and sidewalks, as well as perimeter and site grading.

Architect: Kirkpatrick Architecture Studio

Year Complete: 2014

Construction Cost: $2M each (Estimated)


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