Foundation Design

MMI is the premier design firm in the region with regards to foundation design. As the substructure is buried it may go unnoticed, however, it is as critical an aspect of a building design as any other.  Foundation design is especially important in Southern Louisiana where our soils are notoriously “poor”.

Depending on the soil conditions at a specific site and the type of structure, a shallow or deep foundation may be employed.  A shallow type foundation may consist of individual spread footings, continuous footings, or mat-type foundations.  Deep foundations reach down to more competent soils.  Today’s designs may incorporate treated timber piles, composite piles (timber/concrete), precast-prestressed concrete piles, steel pipe piles, steel H-piles, sheet piles, helical piles, or auger cast-in-place concrete piles, all of which are regularly used by our firm.

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