Cypress Bayou Hotel

MMI provide the structural engineering design for the new hotel addition to supplement the Cypress Bayou Casino. The Chitimacha Hotel Expansion is a 102 room, three-story hotel addition situated between Chitimacha’s successful Cypress Bayou Casino and Shorty’s Casino.

The three-story hotel is framing with wood stud walls and custom fabricated wood floor joists. The lateral restraint to the building is provided with strategically placed wood clad shear walls. The foundation for the hotel consists of load bearing continuous strip footings under the load bearing stud walls. The entrance lobby to the hotel also serves as the portal into the casino.  As such, the architectural requirements required large open spaces.  This was achieved using steel framing for this single-story portion of the building.

Architect: Thalden Boyd Emery Architects

Year Complete: 2012


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